Monday, January 8, 2007

Tasha Klein

Open Wide

in my boy black a.m.
moved hands to stuck heart.

through the veins
he spits a soft window
to my arm.

I am the mouth

I eat the away of his straight painted bleak

I break the canned tongue

I am a mean

the song I devour was before
in his hands
a pin swatch
the star car--
once walls cliffs and fingers.

He Calls Me Babydoll


I've got the successful conclusion of
your neck voice called gentleman:

link slip

The condenser is always on

the assistant
the one showing side one,
the audience loops in
Hidden everywhere.
release the lives of merchandise.the primal
she wants the rough of death
outrage bait
huge progression of the boredom gristle
drumming the keyboard with sexsex sex sex

I Light Cigarette Sweat

does the dress paint the sidewalk
or does it paint you?

Lick my pits
or don't go--

"Wonder Retreat"

cat piss

an episode of satellite warp or
out landos d' amour

smoking is impossible at this point

and all heat sits right beneath the skin

Hot Sauce

smeared sorrow eyes

Hoping you'll dance across my trail
with your cool safety fingers

won't stop moving
lost in forever

I lay waiting
brake placed
but still drive onto this morning
Where you open me
with your face
shot with skin


full of

eye mouth

naked and lubed

she fell backwards
popping open like a ferocious wing

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