Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Robert Chrysler


For Nila Wherever you walk, the moon takes notice It both
follows and guides you Every variation of your breathing
a variation just biding time Fully alive in space Your
tongue crashes the fabric spoken into layered
mists moist with glee Air rushes in, forms
a golden symphony that sits alone in
white clouds Hands engaged to
the morning sun you sing
laughter sanctified and
I’m slowly learning how to
entice your rhythm from lonely
sighs Indelible hieroglyphs encode
glistening sheets of thigh bitten by vowels
that lust To reciprocate with an infinite lock purple
glimpses memories between your legs An angular wetness
to your face gliding a text dripping with desire to reveal receding
shades of fluorescent green framing gentle eyes Dreaming time
spent in our temple the blessed symbols thrumming on knees
rhyming with your neck's nape I knew then that I would
drink iron for you Sleep contently in your mind A key
drawn from the silent center of you wearing winter's
pearled vigilance entry engrossed cusping through
your serene possession of night

Between Secrets

...wandering between the secrets night carries in its turbulent blood
Patches of a shattering light carving music on your pale wet cheeks
Certain the force of our passion would conquer the sleeping city,
delicious sedition embracing even ghosts hiding behind cold, sullen
windows. Your fingers slipping between mine, furtively at first,
intensifying our glowing-green nakedness. Our joy passing over
fallen clouds of a vagabond sky to wet the garden with secret names
chanted through wild branches swollen with spring's desire. Your
curves merging with my own, burning kisses that married water and
light, grafting themselves onto dawn's first notes. I can only bleed
vicariously at this point, to implode within your sweetest pearl.


a singular warmth to your tongue. within my passageways to stare
into the end of the world. the discovery of fire. known halcyon
wetness. fermenting the smooth, brown crying her eyes. a private
slurring of shared nomenclatures as if morality warranted. making
our masks move forward fear brought hydrogen to a dark chant.
way too long as a Phoenix carouse drunkenly. only green and black
tonight. out here climbing passion of a musical syntax. needing to
push legs into the earth astonish symmetry with two maniacs. raised
curtains of wonder after the initial deluge of madness. tracing the
line of muscle curving along something resembling the absolute.
reclaiming you the symbolic intertwining in your hard gasps. Built
an alliance
with the night.
to leave the totality
alone in your moisture
a war beneath shining. travel
across the white. your city meets
my city. air gently heaving from alert
breasts. drunk before noon paper between
ideology. ready to become dark again. besotted
driving a secret into the unconscious. shredded denim.
stroking lying beside the highway. playful light through
exploded beds of hate a different future etched on your cheek.
brief love seen in the arc possible in exquisite hardness. anchors
to have. an intimation of our nudity. design automatic. complex
and flawless flowing the ancestors burnt in our kiss anomaly nine

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