Friday, June 1, 2007

About Music - WMDJ

WMDJ are Photographer Peter Dixon, Poet Tom Kelly and musician/producer Steve Thompson. Together they have produced a multi media work called "Voices".

The VOICES Exhibition is an impressionistic look at the north-east corner of England. It ignores the Party City, the riverside loft apartments and the gastro-pubs. The collaborators leave that to others as they capture the world at the blunt edge of our society.

They work using new technologies, collaborating across distances and times using Internet applications to help evaluate and shape their ideas. The result however is more human than technological. The picture builds in a mix of music, voices and photographs that are both evocative and moving.

All three are from the area and have a long lineage of work relating to the north-east. VOICES‚ is what they call their project, one that is very close to their hearts. By the way, the collaboration is not a career move. And they mean it. To find out more about their unique form of musical “poetic justice" and hear Tom Kelly’s stunning poetry just click-on “sounds” at:

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