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Contributors Biographies

Vicki Thornton: is the author of four children’s books and her poetry, articles and short stories have appeared in various publications including Pendulum, Poetirx, Tamba, Going Down Swinging, the Mozzie, Blue’s Country Magazine, Woorilla, Phaedra (USA), Acruelworld, Southern Ocean Review (NZ) and mod-piece. She lives and writes in the scenic Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne, Australia. Her webiste is:

Eddie Kilowatt: performs regularly live and on radio. He has been an instructor and poet-in-residence at the Tyme Out Youth Center’s Creative Writing Program in Nashotah, WI. His poetry has appeared in Thunder Sandwich, Word Riot, Remark, My Favorite Bullet, Thieves Jargon, and elsewhere. His first collection of poetry titled Manifest Density was released in April of 2006. His forthcoming second collection will be titled Carrying A Knife Into A Gunfight. He leaves and works in Milwaukee, WI. His website is:

Dorothee Lang: is a writer and net artist. She is the author of Masala Moments, a travel novel about India, and is the editor of the Blue Print Review, an online journal of unintended prose and poetry. Her work has recently appeared in Mississippi Review, Pindeldyboz, Word Riot, Hobart, and Cautionary Tale, and elsewhere. She lives in Germany.Visit her website at:

Uber Mensch: a psychiatrist by profession, he uses “Uber Mensch” as a pseudonym. You might find him trying to pluck words out of thin air while waiting at a traffic light or at the neighborhood cafĂ©. He says the two reasons he can still believe in humanity are Ulysses and Beethoven’s 9th and that without the spirit of true creation the universe would be as useless as an armpit. He can be happy at times living in England and can be reached at:

Correia Emmanuel: is a professional photographer who trys to capture a world most people overlook. He was born thrity-five years ago in Dijon but now lives in Frontignan, a small town in France’s south. He uses a monchrome minimalist style, inspired by long exposures. He is also a graphic expert specializing in architectural visualizations. He is married with two children. His website is:

D. Garcia-Wahl: is the aurthor of the collection of poetry, All That Does Come Of Madden’d Days and the novel, Ashes of Mid Autumn. He has three more forthcoming novels and another collection of poetry he is currently working on. Also in the works is a collection of short stories, a recording of spoken word CD, and a cable TV production about poetry entitled DIVE as well as a HOB documentary. He currently divides his time between living in America and Paris. His website is:

Kola Tubosun: born in 1981, he obtained a degree in Linguistics with honors from the University of Ibadan (Nigeria). In school, he was the president of the Union of Campus Journalists between 2002 and 2004. He has been awarded the Okigbo Poetry Prize and the Mac Arthur Foundation Scholarship among others. His poetry has appeared in Sentinel Poetry, The MAG, Farafina, and elsewhere. He was Ibadan’s Poet Laureate in 2004 and is the author of a collection of poems called Headfirst In The Meddle. He lives and works in Nigeria. His blog is:

Loretta Pierfelice: is a “sort-of-organic” grower of hand picked hostas, a shade perennial that’s easy to grow and virtually disease free. She operates a farm, publishes social science research, triages data at a nearby university, and manages and is managed-by two dogs, a partner and three grown children. What ever time she has left is devoted to writing poetry. She lives in Pataskala, OH. Her website is:

Arnor Bieltvedt: grew up in Iceland then moved to Germany after graduation from high school. He majored in Economics and Social Science at the Univ. of Augsburg. He then immigrated to America and received a B.A in Marketing, at which point the started his studied all over again, this time to become an artist. He received a B.F.A. and then a M.F.A. degree and served as art department head of two school over the next several years. In the past decade his work has been exhibited at some of the most reputable galleries in the U.S. and around the world. He currently resides in Hamburg, Germany. His website is:

Craig Kirchner: has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize. His works have appeared in journals including Lily, Erosha, Thunder Sandwich, 3AM Magazine, Adagio, Tripolia, Laura Hird, Clean Sheets, Niedergasse, Fifth Street Review, To Tell Motel, Poetry Superhighway, Wicked Alice, and elsewhere. He lives and works as a consultant in Maryland. His most recent chapbook, Roomful of Navels has been published by Slow Trains and can be viewed at:

Closing Notes: The editor would like to thank the contributors for the use of their work. Each contributor reserves their original rights. Look for the next issue of CSR online on July 1st.

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