Friday, June 1, 2007

Editor’s Note:

It’s so exciting to watch CSR become more absorbed in the world of poetry. Just the thought of it warms my heart. And of course, I love my review just as any parent loves their child. It has developed a smile that knows how to stagger around the farthest horizons. It has mastered a laughter that can hammer a rectangle and still manage to preserve one smoky color of gyre. My little whale smuggler leaps over rogue swells even when the kite’s tail begins to unravel. Guess you can see why it’s the apple of my lye. Say you feel the same freeway or my bank draft might become just another astringent garden rock with not much desert for a solution. No what I mean? So, while the coast waits for a roadmap of whipping wind, let’s dive in the red algae and see what June has to offer…

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