Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Editor's Note:

Welcome to issue eight of CSR. Did I mention that this is my only child? Lucky for me it's so cute because I don't think I could warm up to an ugly baby. This is its first summer and it seems to enjoy the warm weather, sitting on the veranda bobbing its head to Bach. In this issue it will present some wonderful images of late summer from a fantastic French photograher and the amazing work of an artist born in Cambodia, along with poetry that's paper-thin with contradictions and designed to leap through a summer breeze bruising for a pinch. You can use a tape measure or #2 pencil to record the wiggles. Either way, graffiti on the walls says it all. So let your panacea chill-out in a kick-back read of lukewarm mayhem steeped in a pastorial setting. Uncertainty perfected in green, settling in a form you can't resist. Now, rustle up a disguise and get busy...

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