Saturday, September 1, 2007

Editor's Note

Welcome to issue nine of CSR! By now, everyone knows this is my only child. My baby loves to read and has developed a habit of rubbing elbows with blooming international creative energy,
the kind you sometimes find in the faces of Rorschach clouds. My baby has a mouth-full of pearly white teeth and can chew at mystery's inner-most metaphor then take its little hands and dip the moon's oar in the clear waters of spotted trout rolled in zucchini leaves. What's left is a single strawberry or tomato sauce with too much garlic in it. Either way, this issue is heaven-scented and features glorious images by an Italian photographer and intriguing watercolors by a multi-talented artist from Ecuador. I guess you could call September the "international issue" because only two of the poets featured are Americans, down dusting roads with drainage ditches along either side. So if you want to begin the month feeling miraculously whole or even have hooks protruding from your sleeves, you'd better get busy reading...

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