Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Richard Lopez

will take you will not take you

invisible spirit
said angel g.
humped over
his field of
the blessed
matrix claims
ufology can
travel without
leaving his body
hola he cries
to everyone
california is
not here
tapping the
tapping his
head sound
like hardwood

tripping out

k st mall at 6:00 pm in sac
winter night after work
walking thru and around
the wannabes gangsters
workers waiting for the train
home i'm in deep
neon and shadows shape
thoughts but whose
i'm wandering
have my toes pointed
in every direction
which means desire
confused with coordination
tripping out
the best way is to
walk thru

sun burnt like a blowtorch

greenish blue streets can't drive w/o
the a/c on
in july high summer
tho if one asks no it never gets
hotter than the surface of the sun
check that shit
i'm here to say otherwise
the sacrament can't do no sacrfice
it ain't blazing
i've seen street bums broiling
in their clothes
deep in shade
and the sky stretched out
tanning hides
freeways opened like veins
people burst spontaneously in flame

Sprung raw

'april skies' by jesus & mary chain peels away

idiomatic is plaintive for
the idiot

funny with a seriously funny

chows behind gates bark thru their blue

newspapers milk cartons cigarette

& black lugies spat out by the

get that going on my

i''m no one but continuing on keeping me

howl at 12th st

drive past
the narcotic hypnogogic state unlike the police chopper
its 1 eye
so bright like ray milland
in the man with the x-ray eyes

the porn shop
parking lot full of honda suvs
tipped toward
a kind of sensuality that lives only in the mind

outside loaves and fishes
1 sits
on the curb staring at
the sun saying c'mon
look into my eyes

develop the city
for lofts and shops
no one there
a desert becomes
the city

narco dreams
voyage play
the needle
tapping the vein.
you live here

love her but watch yr back
says the motherfucker
is a bitch
she'll love you back

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