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Contributors Biographies

Chad Parenteau: is the editor of Spoonful, a tribute to the weekly Stone Soup Poetry readings in Cambridge, MA, which he also hosts. His work has recently appeared in The November 3rd Club, Shampoo, Wilderness House Literary Review, and the anthology French Connections: A Gathering of Franco-American Poets. His new chapbook, Discard: Poems For My Apartment, is forthcoming from Cervena Barva Press. He resides in Jamaica Plain, MA. Visit his blog at:

Sirrus Poe: writes short stories, poems, essays and photography have appeared in numerous print and online journals like, Snow Monkey, Carillon, Ancient Paths, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Siderreality, Unlikely Stories, Decompisitions, and elsewhere. His newest book, Releasing the Demons, has been released and is online at All you have to do is look at the titles of his poems to realize that you're in for a surreal treat. He lives in New England. His website is

Helen Peterson: is the managing editor of Chopper Poetry Journal. She has had poetry published reviously in Fell Swoop, Right Hand Pointing, Elimae, Haruah, Zygote In My Coffee, Pedestal Magazine, Juked, Hiss Quarterly, Diddledog, Ken*Again, Literary Fever, Debris Magazine, and Poetrybay. Her work is also featured in an anthology published by Poet Plant Press. Presently she is co-editing a special issue of Fell Swoop featuring the poets of New London, CT, which is where she lives. Gvie a knock on her website door at

Mehmet Ozgur: is an engineer by profession but he is an avid photographer at heart. His images cover a wide range of subjects, from landscape panoramas to normal format landscape, digital compositions and his smoke works, photographs comprising of stunning images of incense smoke, manily in monochrome but some in color. He takes the images and digitally manipulates them on the computer until he gets the effect he is after. His landscape photography ranges from minimalist to "normal" portraits to detailed panoramas in color. He lives in Virginia. Find more photography at

Norman Olson: is a 58 year old poet, artist, and civil service worker. Since publishing is first poem in 1984, after many years of submissions and rejections, his work has appeared in Cultural Logic, Red River Review, and elsewhere. His art work has been published in 15 countries and was used as the illustrations for "What Language" (Slipstream, New York 2002) and in Outsider Art among other places. He has worked in a factory that prints telephone books from 1968 to 1988 and currently is a civil servant holding down a cerical position. He lives in Maplewood, MN. His website is

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal: was born in Mexico, in the city of Cuernavaca, in the state of Morelos. Presently he works in the mental health profession in Los Angles. His first book of poetry, Raw Materials, was published in 2004 for Pygmy Forest Press. His first two chapbooks, Without Peace and Keepers of Silence were published by Kendra Steiner Editons in 2007. He rsides in West Covina, CA. Read more of his poetry at:

David Morgan: has been an arts worker and literature officer, writer-in-residence for education authorities, a prison and a psychiatric hospital staff member, and the subject of a Channel 4 presentation titled "Out Of Our Minds". He children's books include Blooming Cats, which won the Acorn award and was recently animated for BBC2's Words and Pictures Plus. His books of poetry includes Buzz Off. He teaches 11-19 year olds in Luton and lives in Bedfordshire in the UK with his wife and two children. Find out more at his website:

Lyndall Bass: has been studying art since she was a young girl. She worked first with private tutors then at local art classes and finally at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. her work is rooted in the great European traditions and is focused on classical techniques and collective thought about the arts throughout history. Her floral compositions have been reproduced widely and included in national reviews and publications about flower paintings. Her latest project is with the US Treasury Dept. where she is an associate mint designer for new circulating coinage. She lives in the state of New Mexico. Visit her website at

Les Wicks: has been a figure of substance in the Australian literary community for three decades. he has toured widely in that nation's literary festivals and been published in well over 150 newpapers, anthologies and magazines across nine countires in seven languages.
His books of poetry include The Vanguard Sleeps In (Glandular, 1981), Cannibals (Rochford St., 1985), Tickle (Island, 1993), Nitty Gritty (Five Islands, 1997), The Ways Of Waves (Sidewalk, 2000), Appetites of Light (Presspress, 2002) and Stories of the Feet (Five Islands, 2004). He lives in Sdyney, Austaralia. His website is

Wayne Wolfson: his poetry/prose/short stories have appeared in Poetic Diversity, Outsiderleft, Get Underground, The Brink, Void Magazine, and been showcased in Laura Hird's literary site, and elsewhere. Recently, he has collaborated with Mars Syndicate on the album "Midnight Lattitudes" which is a Con Troppo Records release. He lives in California. His website is called Terrible Beauty and can be found at:

Closing Notes: The editor would like to thank the contributors for the use of their work. Each contributor reserves their original rights. Look for the next issue of CSR online on April. 1st. Copyright 2008 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.

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