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Jane Harold Helsing: is an ex-salesclerk, ex-textbook editor, ex-psychologist, ex-college instructor, ex-New Englander and ex-San Franciscan who now lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. Her work has appeared in many journals and she has published three chapbooks and one book, Confessions of the Hare (PWJ Publishing). She can be reached at:

Eric Martin: his poetry has appeared in the Barefoot Muse, Calenture, Centrifugal Eye, Contemporary Rhyme, Forgotten Ground Regained, Shatter Colors Literary Review, and Trellis Magazine. His current chapbook, The Death of Orpheus, is also available (by request) . He lives in northern Maine, with his wife and family, where he enjoys fishing and listening to classical music. Contact him

Shelly Little: her poems have appeared in the Centrifugal Eye, Children Churches and Daddies: Scars Publications, Down In The Dirt Magazine, Mom Writer’s Literary Magazine and Shemon. Her numerous freelance articles can be found in the Bettendorf News, Quad City Times and Women’s Edition Magazine. She was born in Canada and attended the University of New Brunswick, where she graduated with a B.S. in Forestry and Environment Management. She now lives with her husband and children in Iowa, where she pursues a freelance writing career. Contact her at:

Adalberto Tiburzi: he has studied architecture, mathematics and philosophy. He has worked as a political essayist, a journalist, and in advertising. He says his photographs often appear as involuntary aphorisms, intellectual or emotional statements in a visual form. He adds that if there is any resemblance to Logos, it is certainly unintentional. He feels that great images can never completely be explained in words. There will always be a sort of “residue” that remains “silent”. It is this silence that matters most. He lives in Rome, Italy. More of his work can be found at the following website:

John Thomas Clark: is a retired NYC elementary school teacher. Nearly a hundred of his poems have appeared in Ocean, Byline, Paradox, Mabius, EFQ, and elsewhere. He also has written Othering, a 150-sonney journey (24 published to date) of someone “othering”, facing a burgeoning physical disability. He now resides in Scarsdale, NY with his wife, two children and a black lab, Lex. He can be reached at:

Earl J. Wilcox: is a retired university professor after teaching for more than 40 years. He is widely recognized as a publisher on Frost, London, and many other American writers. He was the founding editor of the Robert Frost Review. His poetry has appeared in Southern Gothic, Arabesques Review, Third Lung Review, Strange Horizons, and elsewhere. His poetry was nominated in 2006 for a Pushcart prize. His favorite pastime when not writing is baseball, about which he also writes poetry. Contact him at:

Karen Terrey: is a graduate of Goddard College with an MFA in Creative Writing. She teaches creative writing at Sierra Nevada College and in Truckee, CA. She is the poetry editor for Quay, a literary arts journal. Her poems can be read in Sierra Nevada Review, Pitkin Review, Autumn Sky Poetry, and Moonshine Ink. Her blog can be found

Tony DeBlasi: he studied art at Indiana University and University of Rhode Island where he recieved his B.A. His one-person exhibits include Louis K. Meisel Gallery, Hokin Gallery, and Hokin Kaufman Gallery. His public collections includes a display at Greenfield Energy Corp. in Los Angeles. His work is about the process of freeing oneself from conventions, and the search for new parameters. It finds its inspiration from the works of artist like Matisse, Kandinsky, Kline, and Twombly. References can also be found to writing and caligraphy as well as Moorish and Islamic architectural designs. He lives in New York state. See more of his work at:

Jayne Pupek: is a poet and novelist who loves to read. Her first full length collection of poems was Forms of Intercession (Mayapple Press, 2008). Her first forthcoming novel is Tomato Girl (Algonquin Books). She has published two chapbooks; Primitive (Puddinghouse Press, 2004) and Local Girls (2007) which was published online at Dead Mule. This confessed CNN news junkie lives in Richmond, VA. Visit her website at

Tom Kelly: after a variety of jobs and twenty odd years as a drama lecturer at South Tyneside College he now writes, runs writers’ and drama workshops, supports Sunderland football club and his family with an equal passion. He lives in Blaydon in Northern England, not too far away from the iconic Angel of the North. His most recent collection is called Dreamers In A Cold Climate (Red Squirrel Press) is at:

Closing Notes: The editor would like to thank the contributors for the use of their work. Each contributor reserves their original rights. Look for the next issue of CSR online on June 1st.

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