Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Harry K. Stammer

terror 108

attention center
"sense is" jaw chew
strip round (more)
pole indicator
moment "hi, I"
'sensual crucial state'd
throw left
arm right arm
around back
front front back
"hi, I" head
lift plant heel
(s) basing (ed)
('tude) piece
attached left cut
45 degrees down
('phrenic) "hi, I"
which hall long
(lines) palm up eye
squint (ing) "no,
considerate" wall

chapter x

"you got something... for me, huh?"
the mirror sunglasses blonde dancing two doors
away "liquor store, that's it a,"
once look down/up rest hood on momentary
leg crossed tank top shoulders
a result (raucous) result certain (myth
just a proof) certainty 'pect
except where rested 'centive in
desire [not salt or flour] nor/or under't
dream it "once result breaks
down" dog (say feral) leashed runny
nose "for me?" (ring of muscle, closed)
hot "perhaps, cleft dreamed on
a river of a glory" sing spin
tubes out legs ache knuckles
swollen "what motor function?" shift affect
paralysis [sun glass mirror] fatigue that
something expelled D gets up to
point (ed) sitting inflections verb/noun disabled
desire (e) lysium contradicts (tion) 'llel

resolve 1

oblivious "crown'd saying
this" spiral turn
nothing two legs
two arms "gravity knows"
swallow gripping fingers
hand in (hard)
percept (ing) behind't pass't
here it is"
suspend (up) back

sit 12

beating(s) laughing felt still

"created for its, position,

for its" puncture tingled

jingled foot sock stance

"that it thinks" walks

moved away another time

"says it that, is

as well as" breathing

not giving to attention

the nothing place that

value'd adaptation it hear't

repeats "alone and packing

this baby, who the

pocket jingling reeling laughed

done child" and the

bone "tingling"

Drop 7

"get your
'etics, up" blood
over block
walled & singing
constant one
more song chorus
ankle toe
shin slapping pants
tone position
"sure, it's more”

-poems taken from his blog, Poetry From Downtown LA & Adjacent (s)

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