Monday, September 1, 2008

Contributors Biographies

Joseph Harrington: he is the author of Poetry and the Public: The Social Form of Modern US Poetics (Wesleyan, 2002). Re: Cancergate: An Amneoir : “Since the dates of the Watergate scandal and the dates of my mother’s last illness coincide almost exactly, I find it impossible to separate the two.” Harrington’s poems have appeared recently in First Intensity, Tarpaulin Sky, and on screen at the University of Victoria, B.C. He teaches at the University of Kansas. He lives in Lawrence, Kansas and edits a blog called Blog of Myselfs at

A. E. Stallings: she was born in 1968 and grew up in Decatur, GA. Her poetry has appeared in The Best American Poetry series (1994 & 2000) and has received numerous awards, including a Pushcart Prize, the Eunice Archaic Smile Award, received the 1999 Richard Wilbur Award. She composed the Latin lyrics for the opening music of the Paramount film, Sum of All Fears, and has made a new verse translation of Lucretius' De Rerum Natura for Penguin Classics. Hapax (Northwestern) received the 2008 Poet's Prize. She resides in Athens, Greece with her husband and their small son. Visit her website at

Adam Clay: he has been published or has forthcoming poems in Black Warrior Review, Milk, Denver Quarterly, Boston Review, Free Verse, storySouth and elsewhere. He is the co-director of the Arkansas Writers in the Schools Program and is an editor of the online poetry journal Typo Magazine. His first poetry collection is The Wash (Parlor Press, 2006). A chapbook, Canoe, is available from Horse Less Press. Born and raised in Mississippi, he holds an MFA from the University of Arkansas and an MA from The Center for Writers at The University of Southern Mississippi. He now lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan with his wife, Kimberley. His website is

John Tranter: he is the founding editor and publisher of the free quarterly Internet literary magazine Jacket. For more than twenty years he has presented his work at readings in more than forty venues in the USA, England and/or Europe. He has published ten volumes of poetry, and his work has been published widely in British and US literary magazines including the Paris Review, Kenyon Review, Grand Street, Conjunctions, Boulevard, Parnassus: Poetry in Review, Verse, the Times Literary Supplement, TinFish, the London Review of Books, Poetry Review (UK) and elsewhere. His most recent poetry collection is Urban Myths (UQP, 2006). He lives in Sydney, Australia. Visit his website at

Kees Terberg: he invested his savings into a property with regional ambiance and atmosphere between Bordeaux and the Pyrenees. When he learned that the name was "L'Art de Vivre", he knew that he had stumbled upon the route towards turning his dream into reality. He started his career in catering, qualified in Hotel Management, but remained a passionate photographer. His photographic work is internationally admired and he is a sought after photographer when it comes to landscape, wedding and portrait photographer. He lives in Les Leves et Thoumeyragues, France. You can find more of his work at

Leonard J. Cirino: he is the author of sixteen chapbooks and twelve full-length collections of poems from numerous presses since 1987. He has devoted four decades to reading, writing, editing, and publishing poetry. His chapbooks include The Truth Is Not Real (Adastra Press, 2006), Ambiguities (AA Press, 2007), and The Ability To Dream (Phrygian Press, 2007). His manuscript, Scattered Rhymes, has been accepted as a chapbook by Cervena Barva Press for 2008. He lives in Springfield, Oregon, where he listens to folk, rock, jazz and blues music. To read more of his poems visit his blog at

Paul Guest: he is a 34 year old writer and poet who likes music and movies. His first book, The Resurrection of the Body and the Ruin of the World, won the 2002 New Issues Prize in Poetry. My second book, Notes for My Body Double, won the 2006 Prairie Schooner Book Prize. In 2009, Ecco Books will publish his memoir, One More Theory About Happiness, and his third collection of poems, My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge. He teaches English and Philosophy as a visiting professor of English at the University of West Georgia and resides in Carrolton, GA. Visit his blog at

Trinity Rivard: he began winning a few national drawing contests while still in elementary and junior high school and has spent the past 25 years developing the skill. In 2004 he started painting in oils and acrylics and has had numerous exhibitions since. He finds his inspirations in a variety of art forms, including pop art, minimalism, and abstract expressionism. He lives in Tampa, FL. Find out more about the artist and his work at his website:

Rachel Custer: she likes to be thought of as a professional student, reluctant adult, and practiced confessor. There is no obvious indications that she is religious though. What is known is that her poetry has appeared in Prick of the Spindle and longs to be published elsewhere. She works in the arts industry and lives in a town called Mishawaka, IN which is not even within walking distance of Oz. But you can follow the yellow brick road to more of her poetry at her blog called The Confessional:

Victoria Chang: her poems have appeared in The Paris Review, The Nation, Poetry, Threepenny Review, Kenyon Review, Best American Poetry 2005 and elsewhere. She is the editor of an anthology titled: Asian American Poetry: The Next Generation (The University of Illinois Press). She has received a BreadLoaf Fellowship and Scholarship, a Taylor Fellowship from the Kenyon Writer's Workshop, a Sewanee Fellowship, and a Ploughshares Cohen Award for best poem of the year. Her first book of poetry, Circle (Southern Illinois University Press), won the Crab Orchard Review Award Series in Poetry. Her second book (part of the VQR Poetry Series) is due in the Fall of 2008 (University of Georgia Press). She resides in Southern California and works as a business writer. Find her website at

Closing Notes: The editor would like to thank the contributors for the use of their work. Each contributor reserves their original rights. Look for the next issue of CSR online on Oct. 1st.

Copyright 2008 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.
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