Wednesday, October 1, 2008

AnnMarie Eldon


I catch y/our strip there the catspew-fear: are
disremembered remains sheer and
fever-arreared piloerected
crawl-splayed double-
trailed to dribble
trace y/our: our
embrace proclivities
wall pawpad marked: its
pee-mad sprails claim the night
inspection where: you squaited: in
the pitch eves’ whitespace sprotted: a
past a she-enemy reaffirms
her traits psychobladdering
her previous form
her caulbore
domesticonstraints cojoins
four by four territorial want: of
more and more spored: she
deplores all y/our: your
she she grows screamical
demoniacal history
eventual history
her arreptitious shit tip worn: a
well walked by


y/our cast-trail along my weave dredge: I
fasten eyes for slaverslime
for speculate
my greige goods are spoken to soft
drapes musktainted and
use trained: I
dewgland: I
sleetch the tipglide trail cover
splayed: y/our
settle fingers dither up the splatter
way: y/our hands paying residue
tax between my
creases my heave a lax
froth my Eve-shame sapropel: we
shudder the hessian coarse
grain to surrender
stains belted for luck: I
stuffle y/our amethyst marriage apron on
the piddle hook paddle the rug sedge
to dry rag surrender: I
pack pattern,
huddle: we
y/our risk smile
fray at the muck edges: I
trudge our lesser
y/our arms meticulous
in much


my scather in the sapwood: I
tear my pissbasque on
hornbeam pricks: t/his
tumbledung click reminds
scumber jacks scatter along y/our
fuckwish lines after: my footf
alls: I stall to spittle binds
more: starborn stallage
eft my knee voids
flattened by scabfeud
rewelled by meloid rub-burn spoils
foiled the: night wants you in me: I
puer in the fevertree shadow: I
empty me of
matter for our rectal
stecoraceous hallow spree
gutteral against incense cedars
spreadfruits shagbarks slitherleaf trees
swallows silenced as if by a neverdawn swear: forever
and more whatever is mine is yours a
shudder scream-promise follows a
slippery elm trumps its boilulcer
glutinsinuous grueltrunk
splinter balm and: I
am breast-hurt,
lopped in y/our


I seek the finthin slit-in the immense
scarification edge stigmatted upon
you like a mutated birth scar
strung glamorous and
pearly between
precum drops
firsted before
fist and twist: I
leaking the fingercarve
movement deft and sure-of-self
rim linked south from shoulder border
west to recommence a graphite rose bluemadder
wander-touch zenned for y/our
nether blubber then-scratch: I
slaughter tendrilly splays
cockchafey sudden
bloom anchors: a
tattoo-taste spit
lunges my
mouthway: I
bite y/our dermis-splint buff
feel-permeable covering away. Flense
and y/our denizened sweetcells
from written to
truffle come
flake to my
tongue-flay, leached ache-scum
to jaw could not have
gone more meat


I have had my
eyes sliced

I am used to
being these two

persons one sees
one cannot cry bleeds

lids down the
long after the cheekbones


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