Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Contributors Biographies

Debbie Shinskie : she has been having fun with poetry ever since she was a child, when she began writing poetry on scraps of paper and even on napkins at dinner time. Last summer she finally gathered the bits and pieces together and started a blog with the results ~~ Write Away is a blend of her poetry, old and new. She now has three blogs where she writes and has fun with images taken with her digital camera…one with life anecdotes, one for her dogs, and one with her photography. She lives on the coast of North Carolina. Visit her blog at:

Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore: he was born in Oakland, California in 1940. His first book of poems, Dawn Visions, was published in 1964. He became a Muslim in 1970, he took the name Abd al-Hayy, and began traveling extensively in Europe and North Africa. After a brief period of renouncing writing in all forms he resumed the art form and has published several collections of poetry, including two collections of prose over the years. He has appeared in such magazines as Zyzzva, the City Lights Review, and The Nation and has read his poetry to 40,000 people at the United Nations in New York at a rally for the people of Bosnia during that war. He continues to give many public readings during the year, often accompanying himself on specially tuned zithers. He has lived in Philadelphia since 1990. Find more of his work at:

Rethabile Masilo: his work has appeared in Other Voices Poetry, Spokes Poetry, Bolts of Silk, Canopic Jar, and elsewhere. He is from Lesotho. He has lived there and in the United States, but now lives in France with his wife and two children. He enjoys reading and writing poetry, cooking, playing football (the one with the round ball) and watching suspense films. He co-edits a poetry and fiction e-zine Canopic Jar and is preparing a manuscript for the end of 2008 or the beginning of 2009. Visit his blog at:

Raphel Lopez: he is a high school teacher who was not raised to pursuit photography as a profession or even a hobby. But he feels this art form enables him to confirm his role as one of the world’s observers, in an intimate and personal way. The sunflower motif is one of many he has and perhaps is his favorite, traveling to Italy, Spain and France in search of their images. He will be publishing a book on the subject this Fall at He lives in the New York City area. See more of his motifs at his website:

AnnMarie Eldon: she is an identical twin who was born in the once industrialized city of Birmingham in England where she was taught by her grandmother to recite the alphabet backwards when she was three. She stills juggles several persona interiorae but it has not prevented her from having her work published in numerous literary sites including 5 Trope, Arabesques, Balzevox, Moria, Niederngasse, and Stirring. She lives within the mediocrity of a picturesque Oxfordshire market town. You’ll find more of her poetry at her blog:

Kelli Russell Agodon: she is the author of Geography, winner of the 2003 Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Prize. Her poems have appeared in the North American Review, Seattle Review, Crab Creek Review, Calyx, Rattapallax, River Oak Review, Parnassus, Byline, blink, the print version of Poets Against the War edited by Sam Hamill (Nation Books) and other national literary journals and anthologies. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and lives there in a small seaside community with her husband and daughter. Visit her website at:

Kay Powers: she says she lives in a quiet house in a quiet neighborhood and likes to watch horror movies with her ex-pat English husband. She loves reading and writing poetry and enjoys collaborating with other poets. Her poems have been published in The Onion Union, Moria, H_ngm_n and elsewhere. She would like to one day begin her own ezine. She lives with two cats in a small town in Massachusetts. Visit her blog at:

Marius Cousin: she is a watercolorist who has been painting since childhood. Her style is to blend a tinge of softness and sensitivity to the motifs of landscapes, nudes, and flowers. She has appeared in several group showing since 1999 and in 2005 had her first solo exhibition. She is a member of the "Société des Aquarellistes Lyonnais", and uses the region of France near her home in Lyon as inspiration, applying delicate touch of a painter to the elaborate sketches she makes beforehand. Find more of her work at:

Jen Crawford: she sometimes teaches creative writing at a university, sometimes works in a factory or sometimes at other temporary gigs. Her poetry has been published online at literary sites including Foam:e. She administers the literary site Poneme. Her 2000 collection Admissions (Five Islands Press) was short listed for the Anne Elder and Dame Mary Gilmour awards. Her newest collection is called Bad Appendix. Other current pursuits are dancing the tango, playing the ocarina, playing the theremin and pleasing the cat. She resides in Auckland, New Zealand. Visit her blog at:

Brad Buchanan: he is an amateur gerontologist who grew up in Canada, where he couldn't skate worth a damn and felt marginalized by his dislike of Margaret Atwood. He received a PhD from Standford and after settling down into a life of scholarly exertions decided to write poetry and fiction instead. His now lives in Northern California with his wife Kate (who’s a food and travel writer. His first collection of poems, The Miracle Shirker, recently published by a local press can be purchased at his blog site:

Closing Notes: The editor would like to thank the contributors for the use of their work. Each contributor reserves their original rights. Look for the next issue of CSR online on Nov. 1st.

Copyright 2008 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.
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