Saturday, September 1, 2007

Andy N


You stand at the forefront of the path.
Your head bent slightly forward
In a leftwards angle,
And your hair blown in your face
By the relentless wind.

Your arms are crossed behind your back
Almost like you are unsure
What to do with them
And your coat is dangling open
Like you are almost
A gun-slinger from a gothic western
No matter how deep the snow is behind you.

Your eyes are as pretty as a flower
And I can see a smile on your lips
That I first dimissed as fear
But upon second glances
Came across more as a quiet confidence.

A quiet confidence which showed
In the way you looked slightly
Down at the broken footpath
Beneath your feet without a care in the world
And didn't give you up no matter what
The wind threw at you
And which direction your hair flew.


You’re strong without
A thought
Though it may not last
As long as you may think.

You’re easy to smile
Though you’re not
That easy
To laugh.

They say, they say
You are shy
And never speak
Unless you are spoken to.

I, however, always see the truth
As like a strange kind
Of intimacy
When you sit there
And clearly
Smile in your sleep.
And in your dreams
Is silence golden?

Smiling In Slow Motion

Slightly left,
His mouth formed
A half smile
Which I originally
Thought had a hint of slyness
But then as I looked again
At his eyes
Which were brushed half shut
I saw it had a small tear
Lingering in the corner
And all my distrust vanished.

No Man's Land

Water brushes against
The coast like Time,
Lives like
Drops palming
Across my hand
Like it was another world
Or was it another word
Lost in the notepad
From another day.

Colours like beats
Brushing in my ears
Like an endless trail
Of footprints
Half broken
In no man’s land.
Was it like another word
Lost in the notepad
From another day
Or was it another life?

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