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Contributors Biographies

Padraig Rooney: was born in Ireland and educated at Maynooth and at the Sorbonne. His early stories were published in the Irish Press New Irish Writing page, edited by David Marcus. He has published one novel Oasis (Poolbeg Press) and two collections of poems In The Bonsai Garden (Raven Arts Press) which won the Patrick Kavanagh Award, and The Escape Artist (Smith Doorstop). He is the recipient of two Irish Arts Council bursaries. He has taught abroad for many years and currently lives in Switzerland. Contact him at

Bob Beagrie: he was born in 1967 and has spent much of his adult life involved in lots of writing, reading, publishing and cross art-form projects. His published poetry collections include Gothic Horror (Mudfog 1996), Masque: The Art of the Vampyre (Mudfog 2000), Huginn & Munnin (Biscuit 2002), Endeavour: Newfound Notes (Biscuit 2004), The Isle of St Hild (Hartlepool Borough Council 2004), Perkele a bi-lingual pamphlet in English and Finnish co-written with Kalle Niinikangas (Ek Zuban 2006) and Yoik (Cinnamon Press 2008). He lives in Middlesbrough, England with his wife and daughter. His email address is:

Peter Schwartz: holds a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing. He has lived and traveled through Israel, Egypt, and Holland. He plays classical piano by ear. His work has appeared in Curbside Review, Freefall, Poetalk, The Silt Reader and over 100 other print and online journals. He is art editor at the multimedia site Mad Hatter’s Review and lives in a place where it always snows and is usually called Augusta, ME. Find out more about his work at:

Leigh Perry: he says his aim is to present a view of the world that is at once instantaneous and timeless. A view that isolates a slice of reality in time and space, allowing it to be examined in detail, but also implies an ongoing dynamic. His photography identifies recurring themes and motifs, usually in the context of transitions and contrasts. They may be transitions in space, such as from water to sky, or temporal transitions in the form of light and atmospheric changes. He uses a wooden, large format Ebony 45SU as his primary camera. He is based in Sydney, Australia. Find more images at his website:

Jill Jones: her work has been widely published in most of the leading literary periodicals in Australia as well as in a number of print and online magazines in New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Britain and India. Her fifth full-length book, Broken/Open, was published by Salt Publishing in 2005. It was shortlisted for The Age Poetry Book of the Year 2005 and the Kenneth Slessor Poetry Prize 2006. She has been involved in a number of writing groups over the years, including the NSW Poets' Union, No Regrets women writers' group, and the Round Table writers' group. She has been the recipient of two Australia Council grants and has also been involved in literary publishing. The poet and writer lives in Sydney, Australia. Visit her website at

Arlene Ang: was a former editor for the Italian edition of Poems Niederngasse, Arlene Ang is the author of The Desecration of Doves (2005). She has been nominated five times for the Pushcart Prize. Her poetry has appeared in many journals, including Anon, Diagram, Eclectica, Forklift Ohio, FRiGG, Painted Bride Quarterly, Poetry Ireland, Rattle, Tattoo Highway, and Unpleasant Event Schedule. She lives in Spinea, Italy. For additional information, visit her website:

Duane Locke: he is Doctor of Philosophy in Renaissance Literature, Professor Emeritus of the Humanities, Poet in Residence at University of Tampa for over twenty years, and photographer, has had over 2,000 of his own poems published in over 500 print magazines. He is author of fourteen books of poems, including Watching Wisteria. He now lives alone and isolated in the sunny Tampa slums. He lives estranged, he says, and as an alien, not understanding the customs, the costumes, the language, some form of postmodern English, of his surroundings. His recreational activities are drinking wine, listening to old operas, and reading postmodern philosophy. Contact him at

Lynne Taetzch: she says that for as long as she can remember she has been making some kind of art, from sculpting play dough to holiday decorations and craft projects. Her creative ideas are made into prints in a Giclee or “spray-on” technique and then sent to a printmaker. Her work hangs in private collections and corporate offices throughout the world and has appeared in both solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums in New York, California, and elsewhere in the USA. In the summer of 2005 she built a house/studio in Ithaca, NY where she now resides. More of her work can be seen at

Joy Olivia Yourcenar: she says that when she was a small child, her father read to her all the time. Everything from Lisel Moak Skorpen’s We Were Tired of Living in a House, to Bruce Catton’s This Hallowed Ground to the back of cereal boxes (Cheerios and Comet share a common ingredient, TCP…really.) She started reading at 3 years of age and became a voracious reader. She still am. She loves to finish a book in one sitting and usually can. She also takes photographs and "Nattering The Sublime," the poem that gives the title to her upcoming book was inspired after seeing a slide show of Miksang images. It's a non-linear art form and is more about the essence of things than a story. She was born in Maine but presently resides in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Her website can be found at

Cristian Audrei: he is the founder of The Institute of Human Relations, whose objectives are to improve human relations by services of psychological counseling and psychotherapy, coaching and organizational training, parenting and educational programs. The projects carried out within the Institute of Human Relations include communication sessions on various topics, targeting the public at large, held in the Institute’s conference hall each Saturday. He writes poetry as a hobby and has been published at other online sites. He lives in Bucharest, Romania. The institute’s website can be found at

Closing Notes: The editor would like to thank the contributors for the use of their work. Each contributor reserves their original rights. Look for the next issue of CSR online on July 1st.

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