Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cristian Andrei


We are two parts of a fluid architecture
(standard movement
for our own translation by each other)
Two little spots from different areas
anticorrosive layer & underlying structure
Or: molecule in the foundation &
thermoinsulating pellicle
Or: wall with elevators gurgling through &
acoustics of the mavericks’ oval room
We telepathic roll out drawing board memories;
we’re genuine & up-to-date


Anxiety swims the right arm along
Exit are fingers
Gets dry in the air
Plunges in the left arm’s waves
Outlining a triumphal arch
Under it, like tame animals under yoke,
pass silence after silenceAnd silence of other hands
gives them lovinglystroke after stroke

Eclipses On Both Sides

Faces in effigy are our legacy
on the scarred green of grass, of leaves
A small people of tears passing through us
A morning dedicated to fragile sensibilities
Yearnings’ ghost (wolfskin over it)
with foggy boats is gliding:
The howl is spreading out
along with our shadows
under whim of light, obscure smile

Pretty Faces

Beyond every history
is another one
Breaking of the moment that enchanted us
Echoes are spreading
old flavors on dead languages
the old song & the new one
are chewed together
The second itself is silence’s rhythm
fed up with reincarnated words
Bus station: I’m tasting faces
which have signs of a writing got in oblivion
And each one in the waiting crowd
(mute open pits)
is applying to the others
the same taste procedure:
That’s how a love story starts,
the archaeologist reinventing himself
out of the memory of his findings

The Street

Sumptuous cars of the blood are speeding at full throttle
On each side of the race
feminine buildings are raising
Lipstickroofs got hot
Everything is socked in China ink love
A childcalligraphicallycrosses the street

-all poems previously published at Aha Poetry

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